Buckeye Night Out is an opportunity to get out of the house and do something fun!

2-person teams will compete against each other in our themed competitions with food and non-alcoholic drinks prior to shooting in our state-of-the-art shooting range.

The shooting competition is 5 different relays that each person shoots.

Each relay consists of 10 rounds.

Each person will shoot 50 rounds (100 rounds per couple).

Prizes will be given to the winners of both the Trivia and the shooting portions of date night.

What's included for $60/team:
- Trivia
- Food for 2 & non-alcoholic drinks (pop + water)
- Friendly shooting competition consisting of 5 relays (10 rounds/relay) that each person shoots

What each couple needs to bring:
- Pistol with magazine(s) capable of holding 10 rounds
- 50 rounds of ammo per person (100 rounds total)

Your purchase of $60 reserves 2 seats for the date night/team challenge. Please do not reserve more than 1 spot unless you are purchasing for another couple.


You can purchase you BSC Night Out ticket below!

BSC Night Out Tickets